We’r every pleased to be hosting Liverpool University’s Iberian and Latin American Studies (IBLAS) new film talks series.

IBLAS TALKS FILM‘s monthly film screenings will link academic research areas in the University of Liverpool’s Department of Modern Languages and Cultures with rarely shown Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American films opens on Thursday.

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The series begins on the 13th Oct with También La Lluvia (Even the Rain) from Spanish dir. Icíar Bollaín, which tells the story of Mexican director Sebastián (played by Gael García Bernal) and executive producer Costa (Luis Tosar), who travel to Bolivia to shoot a film depicting Christopher Columbus’s conquest of the New World.

Sebastián and Costa unexpectedly find themselves in the middle of a moral and political crisis when they and their crew arrive at Cochabamba, Bolivia, during the intensifying 2000 Cochabamba protests, which their key native actor, Daniel (Juan Carlos Aduviri) persistently leads.

The film will be introduced by Dr Şizen Yiacoup, a Lecturer in Spanish Studies at the University, whose research and teaching focuses on cultural exchange and conflict between Jews, Muslims and Christians in medieval and early modern Spain. A post film discussion will follow.

Dr Yiacoup said ‘As well as investigating the problematic process of political unification in Spain, I seek to explore, through cultural forms such as poetry, song and drama, representations of indigenous peoples of Spanish-controlled territories in the Americas, following Christopher Columbus’s first voyage in 1492.’

“These themes are revisited against the backdrop of a contemporary political and cultural crisis in También La Lluvia.”

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IBLAS Talks Film continues on November 3 when Dr Niamh Thornton, a specialist in Mexican film, literature and digital culture introduces Alex Rivera’s 2008 production, Sleep Dealer.

Set in the near future, Sleep Dealer imagines a world where the Mexican-US border is completely closed and Mexican workers carry out labour in the US using remote controlled machinery and drones. This sci-fi offers insight into current issues around immigration, cheap labour and the impact of technology on individuals and on society.

The film will be introduced by Dr Niamh Thornton, who will lead a post film panel discussion with Dr Alex Balch and Dr Catherine Leen on the issues and themes this film explores.


On Thur 1st of Dec, Ana Reimão, Lecturer in Portuguese and IBLAS programme leader, will introduce Susana De Sousa Dias’ experimental yet politically engaged doc/film 48, which uses PoW photos taken durring the 48 year Portuguese dictatorship (1926-1974) to expose the mechanisms used by that regime to perpetuate itself.

IBLAS Talks Film programme: 

Thur 13th Oct- También La Lluvia, Dir. Icíar Bollaín, 2010

Thur 3rd Nov- Sleep Dealer, Dir. Alex Rivera, 2008

Thur 1st Dec- 48, Dir. Susana De Sousa Dias